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What is verbatim transcription? Transcription Styles
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We transcribe your recording according to the protocol you set. There are essentially four types of transcription styles (protocols) that most clients use:


Every utterance is captured and recorded. That includes all uhm's, ah's, false starts and stutters, repetitions, distracting speech patterns, ("you know", "like") and remarks such as "right", "yeah" by an interviewer.
Also included are pauses, laughter, crying, interruptions, personal comments, external noises, in short: everything we hear!
Additionally, protocols for preserving anonymity and confidentiality may apply.
Strict Verbatim is sometimes used for

smooth verbatim (standard)



We do not transcribe certain utterances according to your specific instructions
Most clients ask to eliminate the uhm's, ah's, stutters and verbal tics but want to see everything else such as slang and emotions.  It is entirely up to you, how much or little we omit. Your specific protocol is strictly adhered to.
Smooth Verbatim is mostly used for
Interviews and Focus-Groups (primarily the content is of interest to the researcher)
Business meetings
Presentations with discussion, questions and answers
(typically for publication)
Conferences  (
several speakers, moderated dialogue)
Q/A- sessions
(questions and comments from the audience)



This is an expansion of the smooth verbatim style.   We edit as we transcribe. We correct grammar, eliminate interrupting comments from the interviewer, correct slang, omit personal comments.

Content is mostly used when the "gist" of the recording is desired, perhaps for the purpose of summarizing a discussion.

rough draft We type what we hear as we listen to the audio just once. We do not stop to rewind and re-listen. 

Unless you are prepared to spend considerable time to review the audio and correct the document, this is NOT what you want when contracting for transcription services.
!Very low transcription prices can be a sign that the product might be more like a draft and not an accurate transcript!

To produce a standard verbatim transcript we re-listen to the audio several times to capture hard to hear phrases and not simply type "inaudible". Repeated listening is also necessary to comprehend the meaning of the sentence and not type gibberish. A "second pass" and a review by the transcription manager finally produce an accurate transcript.

Whatever your requirements are, we ensure that every transcript meets your specifications!


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Summary Profile:

We specialize in interview transcription and focus group transcription as well as lecture, dictation, meeting and seminar transcripion, conference transcription, board meeting transcription, research transcription, forum transcription or symposium transcription.

All audio formats are supported, digital audio transcription such as wav, dvf, raw, cd and dss transcription and mp3 transcription as well as micro cassette transcription, regular cassette transcription (standard cassette transcription) and mini cassette transcription.

We are located in North Carolina but provide transcription services worldwide. We are a registered  vendor for UNC, Chapel Hill, Duke University, Durham and other Universities throughout U.S.

We transcribe verbatim, smooth verbatim or according to your specified transcription protocol.

Our transcription service rates are published online.