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PricePerLine takes the guesswork out of transcription prices

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The best transcription rates
You get the best price, the price by line. We count each character we have typed and every 65 characters we count as one line. That's a true line count, not a line containing just a word or being empty.  Most transcriptions are priced at 21 cents per line, so you pay a speck of a cent per character. It's that simple. You only pay for the information yielded from your recording, regardless how long it takes us to transcribe or what kind of format and protocol you specify. No setup fees, no hidden charges. That's a fair way to do transcriptions!

How much does a 60 minute tape cost? Yes, " it depends". Some people speak faster than average. Animated focus group are different from structured meetings. It just depends how much is said in a minute....Describe your interview / meeting / focus group to us and based on our experience we can give you a rough per minute quote that can range for a 60 minute interview from $100.00 - $150.00 and for focus groups from $140.00 - 220.00. This is only a budget quote - you still pay only for what your audio yields! And, you can easily verify the bill! That IS the fair way to do transcriptions! Click here for a sample page showing the different prices possible.

Not convinced?    We will gladly transcribe at any other rate method you prefer!

Our staff is experienced and can produce excellent results even with substandard recordings and tapes. Most of the time we absorb the difference when we have to spend more than the "double pass" to transcribe your tape. We will let you know when higher rates are required due to poor audio, accents or other audio difficulties.

per minutetranscription rates ranking #2 An acceptable alternative if you like the price and know exactly how long your interview is. Best suited for digital audio files. However, (yes there is a caveat) you rarely find simple pricing but per minute rates based on a million variables. You usually must produce professionally recorded audio to realize a good per minute price and most per/minute prices start at around $2.00. For researchers, who do most of their digital recording with portable recorders in the field, the price per minute shoots up significantly into the $2.80 - $3.50 per minute sphere (one-on-one interviews) and more for focus groups.
per hour
transcription rates ranking #3
You could be in for a surprise. Why? Unless you are familiar with your recordings and have a reputable firm do your transcriptions you won't know if the typist is slow or fast or hears and comprehends well. Often you are quoted something like "4 to 5 times the length of tape", (we speak at least 3 times faster than anyone can type)  which means if you have a 60 minute tape and the hourly rate is $40 you should expect to pay between $160 and $200. You could also be presented with a higher bill if the typist was tired or inexperienced or your tape was tough or both. The lower the hourly rate is, the higher the "x-times" the length of audio. Always ask for a maximum floor!
When is it OK to accept an hourly rate?  Even the most experienced transcriptionist (including us) will have difficulties with a recording
of poor quality or certain types of interviews. It is anybody's guess how long it will take to give you a quality transcript. It could take several hours more than usual under these kinds of circumstances: Many people talking on top of each other with construction noise in the background; your microphone batteries were weak and one person is hardly audible or your interview was done in an airport, with cell-phones and bad signals, in a truck, with strong accents, etc.-- all this can require more time. If you absolutely need that transcript then accept the uncertainty of how many hours it will take..
per page
transcription rates ranking #4
You better ask for details. This price is open to manipulation. How much of  your information will fit on one page depends not only on how it is formatted -  line-spacing (double or single), how wide the typist sets the margins (1 inch or 1.5 inch), what font is used, (e.g.Courier takes up much more space than a proportional font like Times New Roman). The font size can vary from 10 to 14.
If your interviewees give short answers it could mean that you have very little information on a page and pay a lot for blank space. Of course, it cuts both ways. If your subject virtually gives monologues, and your page is single-spaced there could be a lot of information on one page and you win. Examine all the details before you agree on this price-structure!

We recommend to have a test-segment transcribed which will allow you to better calculate the total cost for all the interviews in your project.

You can trust a PricePerLIne and you can easily compare quotes!

Let us transcribe a test segment for you !
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Summary Profile:

We specialize in interview transcription and focus group transcription as well as lecture, dictation, meeting and seminar transcription, conference transcription, board meeting transcription, research transcription, forum transcription or symposium transcription.

All audio formats are supported, digital audio transcription such as wav, dvf, raw, cd and dss transcription and mp3 transcription as well as micro cassette transcription, regular cassette transcription (standard cassette transcription) and mini cassette transcription. Video fomat - all digital files, mov, vob, mpeg - uploadable on our server can be transcribed. DVD transcription - please send to our office for transcription.  

We are located in North Carolina but provide transcription services worldwide. We are a registered  vendor for UNC, Chapel Hill, Duke University, Durham and other Universities throughout U.S.

We transcribe verbatim, smooth verbatim or according to your specified transcription protocol.

Our transcription service rates are published online.


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