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Q: So you mentioned that people have been used to doing everything on their own, and then at the same time people are afraid to speak up with their ideas?

A: Um-hmm.

Q: So how do those interact? It seems like it could be contradictory, maybe I’m missing a piece.

A: The people are doing their own in their own circle, but they were never communicating it.

Q: They’re fine with doing it, but they’re afraid to speak up about what they think should be done.

A: Exactly. For example, here in all these fights we’re having over years, they’ll, it’s I think, a responsibility of both sides. Not only would you expect that definitely not in the first month but over the quarters and years coming, the management team is recognizing. On the other hand, I would have expected that two divisions would stand up and said, "Either you clarify it or you just [sounds like stay out of parts]. You gave us a business direction which is fully competition."

QF: Right.

Q: Right, can I just answer that question? The numbers were good until about 2000, right? When was the break period when suddenly the stuff started to drop?

A: I had it in…

QF: 2000.

Q: It was about 2000, or whenever you had the…

A: It was in the other one, I think.

Q: The decline here, did that have something to do with market conditions, or was it just that the internal integration, and the internal costs, and the whole internal noise just dragged the whole thing down?

A: Now I have to be very open to you. In this year’s they used restructuring money and did not really restructure. Do you understand? They reported the whole of external items $100 million restructuring, but if you now look at what I found, there was actually no restructuring, and a whole lot of people told me it was more or less.

Q: So actually it was just bookkeeping? It was just…

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