Franklin Square Services (FSSI) Transcription

Terms and Conditions

General: FSSI wants your business! These terms and conditions are our housekeeping rules. They are short, to the point and have served us since 1995. We have not lost a tape or lost anybody's business or wound up in court. Our long-term relationships with private and public clients testify to the level of their satisfaction and the degree of our professional competency. We work for you!

Service:  FSSI will provide transcription services according to the rates published and/or agreed upon by FSSI and Client. The rates published constitute the minimum cost for the type of transcription service provided based on good audio. FSSI reserves the right to charge higher rates due to poor audio or heavy accents or other circumstances. Client retains the right to approve higher rates or client may cancel the order. In the event Client cancels the order, payment is due for services provided up this point or a cancellation fee of $15.00 whichever is higher. Such cancellation fee applies to each audio file or tape. FSSI reserves the right to reject an order due to poor audio quality or indecent content or any reason. All work is strictly confidential and if required, a confidentiality agreement can be signed.

Payment. Client agrees to pay for transcription services completed from submitted audio/video material. 

Individuals/Companies:: Deposit of $2.00 per minute audio is required with placement of order. COD orders are due with delivery of transcript. We accept creditcard payments via PAYPAL and will send you a link once your transcripts are completed.  

University Clients: Purchase Order, or grant # must be provided before services are provided or researcher assumes responsibility of costs incurred. No deposit required. We may already have Direct Deposit service set up with your university. 

Service Guarantee: Client assumes final responsibilty for proofing the transcripts. FSSI will correct any errors or omissions free of charge within 1 week after transcript was delivered. Excluded are errors or omissions which were due to poor audio quality or accents. Refunds cannot be granted.

Liability: FSSI assumes no liability for tapes lost to or from our premises or broken or damaged during the transcription process. We encourage you to make copies of your tapes. FSSI cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from the publication or use of the transcripts provided due to typographical or content errors.

Venue and Governing Law is the State of North Carolina, Orange County.

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