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Transcription cost depends primarily on:
Audio quality
Number of people
Our transcription rates are competitive and simple. No hidden fees or set-up charges. They are based on the fact that no two interviews or meetings are alike but all have this in common: The poorer the audio and the more people are talking, the longer it takes to transcribe it.
One-on-one interviews and dictations start at 19 cents per line based on good, clear audio
Focus groups, meetings and similar recordings start at 23 cents per line based on good, clear audio

That is it!   We transcribe about 90% of our orders at this rate. Plus: We do offer volume discounts and reduced rates for extended deliveries. While we do not expect a perfect studio recording and will  generally accept minor flaws and problems, we request a higher rate when there is significant deterioration such as:

Recording noise and flaws (hiss, bad mic, person too far away from mic, high data compression recordings, etc). E.g. telephone interviews conducted with cell-phones or recordings via  speakerphone.

Exterior noise ( traffic, restaurant/bar, music, airplane, cars,  heavy background conversations)

Heavy accents (Foreign or English), speech impediments, people consistently talking on top of each other in an unstructured meeting.

Skipping of audio that is not to be transcribed (such as lunch breaks during meetings) which we must spend time to sit through. If you can specify the sections to be omitted with time-code this does NOT apply. 

Send your recording to us and let us transcribe a test segment for you! Or get a quote  
email:  info @ franklin-square.com


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