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Papers, manuscripts, manuals, lectures, correspondence . . . .

Projects in WordPerfect, WORD, Powerpoint, Excel, Draw and most office software
Projects in WordPerfect, WORD, Powerpoint, Excel, Draw and most office software
      We provide top quality typing services, don't forget to smile and guarantee our documents.
       Partner with us via internet or fax or mail us your project.
Accurate, on time, on budget !

Who benefits from our services?

Universities, Schools, Departments, Town Government
"We have just this one project every year and we are always stressed to get it done without pushing our staff to the limit."

   Our prices are very competitive and we are there when you need us. You no longer have to hire expensive temporary staff who may or may not be able to get the job done.

Researchers, Authors, Consultants, small business owners
  "I can't do everything myself and my staff cannot always get my proposals and presentations done within deadlines."

    Outsource it when you need to, we send the proofs per e-mail and deliver the final document per courier, internet or mail.

Private Individuals - Anyone who needs quality assistance
"I prefer handwriting and I want someone else to do the revisions and editing."

    We work with you and with any draft you may use, handwritten, retyped, small notes, newspaper clippings or your ideas on a napkin.


We type for you!


from $5.75 per page
from 17cents per line
discount rates available based on volume and turnaround.
Custom work
online special $33/hour
regular $38/hour


We welcome you in our offices in Chapel Hill or send and receive your project per e-mail, fax, courier or  snail-mail.

Free pick up in Chapel Hill and Durham.

Rush Service Availabe

Franklin Square Services, Inc
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Tel (919) 942- 0030

email:  info @ franklin-square.com

April, 2017

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